Souvenir Vending Machine

Model: NCD-1EF

The Souvenir Coin Vending Machine is a compact vending machine that accepts Coins and dispenses a Souvenir Coin. Configured with Plexi-top LED edge lighting with remote control and Souvenir Coin Display window, this is a reliable Souvenir Coin Vending machine.

No Specification NCD-1ECF
1 Coin Acceptor Configurable for several countries
2 No. of Hoppers 1
3 Souvenir Coin Capacity 1000 to 1500 Coins
4 Coin Specification Diameter - 24 mm to 32 mm Thickness - 1.5 mm to 3. 1 mm
5 User Interface 2 line High bright OLED display
6 Power Supply 150V to 230V AC, 50Hz,
7 Power Consumption 25 W maximum
8 Protocol RS-232
9 Dimensions (H x W x D) in mm 575 x 400 x 375
10 Floor Stand Option available with 1100 mm height
11 Weight 70 Kgs Approximate
12 Operating Environment Ambient

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