Automatic Seed Vending Machine

Model: ASVM-20

Automatic Seed Vending Machines are used for vending different types of horticulture, vegetable and all agricultural seed packets and seed kits under ambient temperature against receipt of Bank Notes and Coins. Model: SC-500-24 is a twenty four selection machine with Six trays, full glass front and white LED lighting for displaying the Seed Kits. The machine comes with advanced features, functions and with a fully loaded payment system including Coin Change back to the user.

No Specification ASVM - 20
1 Metal Enclosure 1.6mm MS-Powder Coated
2 No of Product selections Twenty Four (6 x 4 Tray)
3 Product Holding Capacity 980 to 1080 items depending on the size
4 Cash Acceptance INR Notes of All denominations
5 Coin Acceptance INR Coins of All denominations
6 Coin Dispensing Any two denomination of INR 1, 2, 5 or 10
7 Coin Dispenser capacity 2 x 500 Nos
8 User Interface 4 Line LCD and Metallic Keypad
9 All report logs Available through password protected Settings Menu for viewing.
10 Physical summary report Available through 2 inch printer.
11 Advertisement Full Toughened Glass Front Door with White LED lighting for better visibility and Showcasing the available products
12 Dimensions (H x W x D) in mm 1700 x 800 x 750
13 Weight 135 Kgs Approximate
14 Power Consumption 50 W
15 Power Supply 150V to 230V AC, 50Hz,
16 Protocol RS-232
16 Battery Back up UPS available as an add on
16 Operating Environment Ambient

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