Cash Deposit Machine

Model: CDM-1000

Cash Deposit Machine is a Touch Screen PC based Self Service Kiosk configured with a Bank Note Validator with a feeder capacity of 30 notes acceptance and a cash box capacity to hold 2000 notes. This self-service machine is used for depositing cash in to the individual bank account or as credit for other payments.

No Specification CDM-1000
1 Metal Enclosure 2 mm MS-Powder Coated
2 Receipt Printed Thermal Paper(3 Inch)
3 Cash Acceptance INR Notes of All denominations
4 Cash Acceptance Limit 30 Notes per transaction/td>
5 Cash Stacker Capacity 2000 Notes per box
6 User Interface Touch Screen Monitor
7 All report logs Available through password protected Admin Menu
8 Dimensions (H x W x D) in mm 1500 x 675 x 500
9 Weight 110 Kgs Approximate
10 Power Consumption 300 W
11 Power Supply 150V to 230V AC, 50Hz,
12 Protocol RS-232
13 LAN Port Available
14 Battery Back up UPS
15 Operating Environment Ambient

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